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Learning how to day the Futures, Forex and Stock markets are as easy as looking over my shoulder…

My goals are simple. They are…

…to provide my members with the best possible live training experience.

…to encourage my members to attain their full potential as successful traders.

…to enable my members to “master the art of day trading” in a live market environment

Watch, Listen, Earn and Learn.

Learn how to master the art of day trading in my live training room as I explain in detail potential trade setups in real time 4 days a week 8 am to 11 am EST, Monday-Thursday only closed Friday.

Trade entries, exits and stops are clearly explained and shown in real time.

For a low monthly fee of only $97, or less than $6 a day, you have your own full-time trading coach 3 hours a day, 4 days a week! Plus bonus training webinars and full email support. There are no long-term contracts!

This is incredible value!

The Day Traders Fast Track Program is there for every step of your trading journey, guiding you through every stage of the learning process.

Even though the live training room focuses on learning how to day trade the futures markets what you learn with me can be applied to any market.

I explain trades in real time how to day trade using the strategies as taught in The Day Traders Fast Track Program.

Day trading the financial markets is not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a business, a career, an opportunity to control your future or own your own business without a large financial outlay. You choose your hours, part-time or full-time, mornings, afternoons or evenings

However, when it comes to day trading, learning and doing are two very different things! Many traders understand the concept of trading and even the strategies inside out yet, when they begin trading in live market conditions, are quickly overwhelmed.

Don’t trade alone; join our live training room and trade with us from the comfort of your own home. Your success is my success!

The quickest most flexible way to achieve Master Trader status starts here.

How would you like to sit side by side with a Master Day Trader, not just for a day, but week after week, month after month? Do you think that would help you lift your game?

I’ll show you how to profit in rising and falling markets. The key to your success is a solid education, and ongoing coaching in a real live training room where you can watch, listen, learn and earn.

If you’re a new trader or just learning my strategies you start trading risk-free by using a trade simulator as you begin to build your knowledge and confidence. As a member of my trading room, you’ll learn how to trade with my high probability strategies in real time.

You are able to ask questions and interact with me as trade’s setup in real time.

You learn with interactive education – my trading room brings you in direct contact with trading professionals who teach will not only call trades using my key trading strategies but provided you with an outstanding education at the same time.

I focus on potential trading opportunities in the CL, ES and NQ futures markets and time permitting review other markets.

If you trade markets other than the futures markets: the education you gain will be invaluable. The strategies I trade on the futures markets can be applied to all markets and time frames.