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But let’s start with this question, why should you listen to me?


Ray Freeman AKA Samurai Trader

Hi, my name is Ray Freeman AKA Samurai Trader. I have been a trader for well over 20 years. I am a full time day trader and trading coach to new traders, professional day traders and a consultant to the funds management industry.

Why should you listen or even be coached by me? Because I have made more mistakes in business and in trading than most people will ever make in their lives. I have had some huge wins and some huge losses and most importantly I have learned some incredible lessons from both my successes and failures.

I have been fortunate enough to have employed some of the worlds best traders and programmers in the research and development of day trading and swing trading strategies, having back tested hundreds of trading systems and strategies and now have a range of trading systems and strategies that are used by professional traders around the world. Some are in the process of being automated in fact in the near future I

John Sheely Director of Research and Development

John Sheely was first introduced to commodities in 1980 when he served as general counsel and attorney to a small oil company in Houston, Texas. He subsequently joined an energy trading company started by Commodity Corporation- the premier commodity trading organization for the period.

His skills as a market analyst became quite evident after he won First Place as Chartist for the Year in a national contest held by Commodity Perspective, a popular commodity magazine at that time.

Based upon several years of phenomenal success, John started Pinnacle Trading Company, Inc. and registered as a commodity trading advisor with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission and the National Futures Association. Pinnacle managed more than $50,000,000, while trading funds established by Dean Witter, Merrill Lynch, and other high profile firms.

As you may be aware on the 25th of January I am launching my live web based real time trading room. To make this economically viable I require 100 monthly subscribers- members-traders to join.

The more students that purchase The Day Traders Fast Track Program, the more that will join the trading room. (You also have to own the course to join the room as the trades we call in the room are the exact same strategies as in my course).

As a student, it is not compulsory that you join my trading room however for those seeking a career as a day trader you will soon see the massive benefits in trading live with a like-minded group of professional day traders.

So back to my offer, for $99 you gain access to the best of my best day and swing trading strategies developed from my research and development of day and swing trading strategies over my 24 plus years of day and swing trading.

The Day Traders Fast Track Program now has over 80 hours of recorded training sessions, cheat sheets on my key trading strategies and many trading resources.

As a member, you are kept up to date with any new developments, my latest research and educational videos as I further develop The Day Traders Fast Track Program.

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Here are some comments from recent student emails.
Click here https://www.iamadaytrader.com/day-trading-education-testimonials/

Please read what a new trader has to say about The Day Traders Fast Track Program and even more importantly please review the attached pdf called Johns Trades Stats, please note the column called, AVR TICKS P/L.


I have been spending a lot of time going over your videos and DTDS plan. Well done. I have a long complicated story as a trader. Some time we will talk and go over it. But I feel you really got me back on track. Thank you so much.

I have made an online log for trades that will give pretty clear statistics, and will give more as I add more formulas and of course more trades (I call them sequences). I designed the log to take from 5-10 seconds so that it can be done extremely quick during trading. I will keep you posted. And later if can help in any way with making the log available for you and other students, I am more than happy to help.

Fyi-only a couple days, but all trades are logged within a minute of the actual trade.

And this one.

Name: Gary P

Subject: Fantastic Results

Sent on: 13 May, 2016

Hi Ray, Just to let you know that after taking your training, I have had one month of trading and have taken 49 trades. 3 were losers, one was a break even and an amazing 45 trades were WINNERS. This gives me a percent profitability rating of 93.88% Most of my trades were in the NQ’s but I took some in the QM and CL. I use the T /10 and T/ 2 method and after trading for 24 years, I have never done this well. Thank you Sir.

Thank you.

I receive emails like this every day.

From: Randy Fox

Sent: Thursday, 23 June 2016 3:28 AM

To: Ray Freeman

Subject: Re: Update for Members.

Ray, I just want to say that you have truly turned around my trading after years of failure. Thank you very much.

I was wondering if you could send me copies of the indicators you use. I trade using TradeStation.

Thank you again

Randy Fox

I have been trying to learn to trade for around 5 years and have had been through countless courses; live rooms; tutors etc. etc. I have to say without doubt that your material is by far the best out there; and I really do mean that.

You could have easily charged thousands and thousands of pounds for the materials you have given; so I really do appreciate it.

Thanks Kam.

Hi Ray,

Just a short email to say thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have been day trading for 7 years now and over that time invested many thousands of dollars in books and courses and countless hours in research and testing strategies seeking the Holy Grail of trading as most of us do.

I came across you on You Tube and purchased your course 3 months ago and I have to tell you your Day Traders Fast Track Program has had an incredible impact on my trading career, I am so more confident, disciplined and focused.

Your support has also been fantastic.

I love the T2, T20 and T89 strategies; they are now the core of my trading.

I can’t wait to join your live trading rooms.


John Barter

From: Brenton

Hi Ray ,

Your fast track program has been fantastic. ( I have attached my Trading Journal from last night ) 4 Trades 4 Winners 48 Ticks 1 Contract

Hey Ray,

I’m loving the T20 videos and 8 ema at this point. I feel like it really simplifies the process for my trading style and allows for a mechanical approach. I’m now using a 183 tick in the market to increase stability.


To: Ray Freeman

Excellent information Ray, thank you


Hey Ray,

I wanted to send you some trades I took on simulation recently (all six were winners.). I am focusing still on adapting the T1, T2, and T10 to my psychology.

From: Charles

Ray – great program…

From: Mario

Hey Ray,

Here are some winners I took on simulation regarding the T2, T10 and double bottom (all but the T10, emphasized the larger trend associated with the 89 and 200 ema). I already feel fast-tracked because of your program.

Thanks again.


Thanks Ray,

I’m loving the T2 and T10.


Thanks for all your help.

I’m enjoying the course and it is challenging and rewarding as It begins to make sense and fall into place.

Best Regards


From: Mario He told his friend to buy.

Dear Ray,

I friend of mine and colleague at work asked me to share the program and indicators with him. Since I don’t want to share information, or indicators that are not my own property, or not available for free in the internet I wanted to ask for your permission. Please let me know, if its ok to share. Otherwise please send me another bill for the program.

Best regards


From: Mario

Hello Ray,

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my questions by doing this video. This is much more than I expected. I think all questions have been addressed in a perfect way.

Again thanks a lot for all your time.

Best regards


Hi Ray ,

Trust me you do not come over as arrogant so don’t apologise for your focus on getting all of us over the line . I just wish I had found you a couple of years ago as I am sure I would have been an accomplished trader by now If I had . I can’t say I have ever been so focused before in my efforts and If that involves me getting  a rev every now and again bring it on . Appreciate all you do.


Murray W.

Hi Ray,

Many thanks for the new recordings of the T1, T2 and the T10. I have learned a lot.

Sjoerd S.


I’m loving your trading strategies. I have been focusing on the T25 and have seen incredible results.

Jackson H

Hi Ray,

I must say that this video is your best video yet.

You focus on one trade set up only and with the cheat sheet in front of me that is all I look for.

I spent many hours sim trading and I am now starting to see results. Master one set up only and only then move to the next one.( I think I heard you say that once or twice).

Your videos are very good and your philosophy parts are excellent. (They help keep me going)

Todd M.

Hi Ray,

Thank you for sending me all the materials. I have been working my way through the materials all morning.

I am very, very impressed by your work and the system you have put together. In the past i have spent thousands on just a signal indicator so i want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience which is priceless.

I will be very direct and say it is very rare to find someone who is so giving.

Kam B.

To Whom it may concern:

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new beginner or an experienced trader seeking for a mentor/coach to follow. Ray’s got what it takes to improve your trading.

He explains his methods thoroughly in videos and give you spreadsheets to calculate a position size that fits any account size.

But the best part is the connection and the understanding he’s shown me. I’ve found myself stumbling a couple of times and sought for Ray’s advice. There’s always been fast response (usually within the same day). I don’t know how he does it but he always finds time for me even though I know he’s busy.

I learned how to day trade with two easy steps.

1 Listening when Ray talks.

2 Follow what he says.

Regards Sam E.

Regards Ray Freeman. AKA. Samurai Trader. Day Trader and Traders Success Coach.